Hooray for Baby K’Tan Carriers, Portland Mamas!

Baby K'Tan carriers. Portland weather's no problem when you can get your carrier on & off easily.

Portland weather's no problem when you can get your carrier on & off easily.

We like Baby K’Tan carriers! Portland mamas like ’em too. Partly because they’re so easy to get in and out of. In our climate, it’s SO nice to have a sling you don’t have to fuss with.

Baby K’Tan Carriers, Portland Weather & the Moby Wrap

Compare! Contrast!

Baby K’Tan doesn’t require a lot of wrapping, unlike the Moby. So, you can whip it off when getting into the car, then put it back on when pulling Baby out of the car seat. (Wrap instructions here.)

Baby K'Tan carriers, Portland & beyond...

So little fabric! So much functionality.

Also, these carriers don’t use as much fabric, so you have more control over how warm you are, wherever you are (store? car? sidewalk? home?) and whatever the weather’s doing.

Even if you wear your baby all day, you have more flexibility with Baby K’Tan because your base layer is lighter. In our climate, that’s a big gold star for Baby K’Tan carriers; Portland in the springtime keeps you on your toes.

Like the Moby, Baby K’Tan is totally buckle-free, and you can nurse in it. It also accommodates several different positions: kangaroo, hug, adventure, explore and two-hip.

As a result, your carrier can grow along with your baby, accommodating different ages… and different personalities! Little ones have their own ideas about how they want to be held. Having more than one option is a lifesaver.

Loving it! (Baby K'Tan Carriers, Portland)

Aw. (:

Baby K’Tan and the Forward Carry

Should You/
Shouldn’t You?

Last week on our Facebook page, we re-shared this pic of a mom loving her Baby K’Tan carrier.

Just can’t get enough of this photo! ♥♥♥

In the comment thread, one of our followers raised concerns about forward-facing carries, linking to this article to explain why.

It’s true, not every Baby K’Tan position is right for every age. For really young babies, it’s best if they spend most of their time facing you, as this:

  • Prevents overstimulation
  • Provides head and neck support
  • Helps your baby regulate warmth
  • Ensures you’ll able to respond to your little one’s cues

However (especially for older babies!) foward may be fine. As long as your child’s back is comfortably aligned (not arched) with good, non-chafing leg support (spread the seat fabric wide, out to the knees) – and if YOUR back feels good too – then it sounds like the front-facing carry is working for you.

p.s. Are Baby Slings Safe?

Yes, if you wear them properly and check on your baby now and then. Rule of thumb? “Baby should be visible and kissable at all times.”

Here’s a quick checklist. Also, click the image below for more helpful wearing tips from the Baby K’Tan website.

Safety Tips! Baby K'Tan Carriers, Portland

Click for more!

BTW, feel free to stop by & try it out.

(Directions here.)

Baby K’Tan is just one of the brands we carry, and we love helping people find a carrier that’s going to work for them.

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