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Baby-wearing Safety (graphic from

Baby-wearing Safety (graphic from

Last year, suffocation related to babywearing hit the news. Lawsuits were filed, slings were recalled, and new parents across the country questioned using a baby carrier at all.

No surprise! It was a very understandable response to a very avoidable tragedy.

At the same time, babywearing (when done correctly with a quality carrier) is really good for both mom and baby. For Baby, it does wonderful things developmentally. It can do wonders for a new mom, too, freeing her to go about her life while continuing to hold her little one.

The important thing is to make sure you’re wearing your baby correctly.

Most baby carrier companies are good about providing good instructions for how to use their products. For instance, Baby K’Tan offers step-by-step instructions for each different hold to ensure you know how to “cocoon” your precious small one in safety.

Steps 1-3 (out of 7 total) to wear your baby in "kangaroo position" with Baby K'tan

Steps 1 to 3 (out of 7 total) to wear your baby in "kangaroo position" with Baby K'Tan

As you may know, we carry a variety of carriers ourselves, so if these directions are giving you any trouble at all, please give us a visit and we’ll walk you through.

Even if you didn’t buy your carrier from us, and even if it’s not a carrier that we stock, don’t hesitate to drop in! We know a lot about proper baby-wearing, and would love to help you learn the steps for using your carrier safely, so you can feel confident wearing your little one.

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