You Can Do It, Mama!

Need a little encouragement this week? Here’s a local reminder that you can do it, mama.

Even when your day feels like this.

Emily Finch biking with six kids

Emily Finch, transporting six kids on one bike. Click the image to read her story.

This is a Portland mama who commutes by bike, even though she’s got six small ones to transport. Now, if you’re like the rest of us, you occasionally get this voice in your head telling you all the reasons “you can’t.”

Because there isn’t time.

Or energy.

Or head space.

Or whatever.

Sometimes, it’s true. Sometimes, what you NEED is a nap. But often, when you’re a mama, you’ve gotta keep moving through those times. And the thing is, you really, really can. Even when it doesn’t feel like you can.

Because you’re that strong.

You’re that brave.

How would we know that? Because we’re mamas, and our friends are mamas, and we help mamas all the time at our store, and while we do know firsthand how easy it is to doubt yourself, we’ve also seen firsthand the everyday miracles that the mamas in our lives accomplish.

Sometimes, doing the dishes is a miracle.

Sometimes, the miracle is letting yourself cry.

Or laugh.

Or just noticing the little ones growing up all around you, who can make your life so unbelievably difficult and so incredibly precious.

So, next time you hear that voice talking – the voice of “you can’t” – show it that photo of Emily Finch. Then go ahead and tell it about YOU.

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